It has been 14 years since we established our business in Mexico.

After the long COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico's economy is now the fastest-growing in the world. There is an old saying, 'When the U.S. sneezes, Mexico catches a cold.' However, Mexico's domestic economy is booming due to various new investments, such as railways, real estate/construction, and IT.

Despite Mexico facing challenges such as high inflation and drug-related crimes, the younger generations are active participants in the economy, and the peso remains a strong currency. Not only are the United States and Japan investing, but European countries, where the Ukraine war persists and economies are sluggish, are also showing increased interest in investing in Mexico.

Both Mexico and the U.S. are approaching presidential elections, which we anticipate will bring about positive changes. Particularly, as the electric vehicle (EV) industry slows down in the U.S., we hope that the combustion engine industry will see a resurgence, benefiting the Japanese auto industry.

Moreover, the Trans-Isthmus Railway has the potential to compete with the Panama Canal business, especially considering Panama's congestion due to low water levels. This presents numerous opportunities for Japanese industries in the fields of transportation, IT, and construction.

Our goal is to contribute to the emergence of a new era in Mexico's economy.

Kenichi Kimata

Kimata Personnel

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