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According to some analysts, the economic recovery trend that was predicted in the second half of 2003 will continue into 2004, sustaining the growth trend and even expanding it for 2004, bringing some signs of hope to the economy. However, there are some uncertain factors that may substantially affect the economic and job market situations, such as the way the foreign exchange market is driven by the stronger Yen and a weaker U.S. Dollar resulting in the so-called “twin-deficit”. This is due to financial and trading deficits created by the United States. Also impacting economic factors are the developments in Iraq, the continued threat of terrorism and the upcoming 2004 U.S. Presidential Election in November. All of these factors should be considered when conducting your career search.

Hiring Trends by the Japanese Companies in the Midwest
Because the Midwest offers a variety of convenient transportation methods, Japanese companies have been able to strengthen their ties with customers whose headquarters are located in the Chicago suburbs. Numerous Japanese companies have launched their operations in the state of Illinois, in many different industries, namely automotive and automotive parts, steel, electric and electronics, construction, tooling equipment, logistics, finance, and pharmaceutical. It seems that hiring by Japanese companies in Illinois is not expected to increase dramatically, and many are merely maintaining the status quo. Automotive related industries are the primary industries in other Midwestern states, such as Michigan and Ohio, and these industries are seen as the driving forces for the American economy. However, Japanese companies conducting business within these industries are gearing up their hiring efforts and this trend seems likely to continue. When conducting a career search, it is critical that one researches which industries are experiencing growth and whether or not hiring is taking place. Your decision to apply in a specific industry should be based on your research results.

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