Tips for the Interview



  • Since the time allotted for the interview is limited, and to make this time meaningful, gather as much information as possible about the company ahead of time. Furthermore, confirm the interview location, so that you will not be lost on the day of the interview.

Day of the Interview

  • Even though you may have already sent your resume, be sure to bring a hard copy with you on that day. You never know who else may be sitting in on the interview. Bring with you the documents showing that you can legally work in the United although it may not be necessary for this interview. Many companies often call candidates for second, or even third interviews before they make a hiring decision.
  • First impressions are very critical. Although a first impression does not dictate the decision on employment itself, if it is poor, you are already at a disadvantage. Thus, at minimum, dress neatly and be punctual.
  • During the interview, ask about the company and the job description, and take good notes on important items. This would be a good time to mention some of the things you have learned about the company through your own research. Also, your responses or questions should be clear and concise. Make certain that your motivation and seriousness are felt strongly by the interviewer. You will have to actively sell your own market values to the company.

After the Interview

  • Make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and let him or her know that you are interested in the position. This concludes the interview and you will be waiting to hear for the results. In the United States, as a general practice, a “Thank you card” or letter is sent to the interviewer to show appreciation, and to make one last appeal for the position, and to show that you are really interested. This is also a good place to mention some specific ways that you would plan to help the company if you were hired, now that you have had some time to think over the interview. The card should be sent within a week after the interview.

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